Fairway Lawns are proud to be the leading lawn treatment service in the North West, providing high quality seasonal treatments with a personalised and friendly approach. Born from a passion to deliver a first class service throughout each season, Fairway Lawns are experienced in the trade and apply that over 30 years of knowledge to each and every lawn care solution.

The old way is the best way…

Hollow Tine Aeration
Grass is like any other plant: it needs food, water and air to survive. Hollow Tining will take out 2 to 3 inch plugs of earth, reducing compaction and allow your lawn to breathe.

Drainage will dramatically improve as water drains freely through the holes straight to the root zone of your grass plant. Optional fine sterilised soil brushed into the holes improves root formation and drainage even further. We like to remove the cores of earth, which we feel look unsightly and can harbour disease.

Stronger, deeper, more draught resistant roots give a healthy, denser grass plant, which will enhance our yearly treatment programmes.

September is the best time for scarification

Moss and thatch can seriously damage your lawn and reduce its ability to breathe and drain freely_ Puddles of water can settle on your lawn, this can damage the crown, the base of your grass plant and moss also thrives on damp conditions.

Scarification however removes moss and thatch and your lawn can now drain more freely and breathe. The slicing effect of scarification at this stage will promote your grass plant to produce new healthy growth. In addition we provide sterilised sieved soil and quality grass seed to maximise your lawns ongoing improvement.

These measures ensure deeper, thicker roots to your grass plant.
A denser lawn needs less watering in summer and makes our treatment programmes even more effective.

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